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Automatic Mineral Water Packing Machine

Automatic Mineral Water Packing Machine

We have positioned ourselves as the leading Automatic Mineral Water Packing Machine Manufacturer and one of the prominent Suppliers in India. The Mineral Water Packing Machine we manufacture is in high demand due to its well design and compact structure. High reliability and long lasting life are the salient features of our Automatic Mineral Water Packing Machine. Our Automatic Mineral Water Packing Machine can continuously work for hours and it requires less maintenance. Our Automatic Mineral Water Packing Machine can be easily handled and operated comfortably. We provide our Automatic Mineral Water Packing Machine at very competitive prices and within stipulated time frame.

Salient Features :

  • Automatic Operations
  • Robust machines
  • Simple operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-abrasive components
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Stainless Steel contact parts
  • Fast changeover of pouch size and filling volume
  • Photoelectric mark registration system for precise cutting and sealing of the pouches can be provided.
  • Customization option

Widely used in :

  • Mineral water processing units


iso certificed ce


FEEDING HEAD Volumetric Liquid Suction Pump
RANGE 100 ml - 500 ml
ACCURACY +/- 1.5 %
AVERAGE OUTPUT 30 TO 35 Pouches/min
PACKING MATERIAL Any virgin film (e.g. L. D. E. P. film) 60-90 Microns thickness
STYLE OF POUCH FORMING Pillow type(centre sealed pouches)
FILM WIDTH Generally 330 mm
FILM ROLE CORE DIA ID 70 mm to 76 mm
O. D OF FILM ROLL Max 450 mm
POUCH SEALING SYSTEM Comprised Of Vertical and Horizontal Sealers
CODING UNIT Mechanical Typographic Coding Unit
ELECTRIC-SUPPLY A.C 220 Volts. Single phase 50 to 60 Hz.
PHOTO ELECTRIC MARK REGISTRATION SYSTEM Not fitted in standard machine, but can be provided n response to specific request.
Inbuilt Treatment System UV Treatment System
POWER LOAD AT PEAK - APPROX 5 KW ( FOR FEW SECONDS) AT THE time of start of machine
NET WEIGHT OF MACHINE 400 kgs. (Approx.)
GROSS WEIGHT 500 Kgs. (Approx.)
MACHINE DIMENSIONS (Approx.) APPROX L:710 mm x W 740 mm x H 1750 mm
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (Approx.) APPROX L:920 mm x W 940 mm x H 2010 mm